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Item number SCP 6230
Item number SCP 9452
project: LOVE bloods
project: LOVE bloods

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Item number SCP 9452

project: LOVE bloods

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MY NOTES: I don't use pictures because this story is telled and illustrated by your imagination, I can't tell you how horrifying they look, and yes I missed out some parts, that's how my story is supposedly told . there's a lore section in the middle of this of the supernatural entities 




 Description: shades you feared of and gooey humanoids 

 this is a story tells by a camcorder found by a passerby, the person has seens died of an unknown causes, the tapes was however glitchy and distorted when found

 however, an editor of mine is able to restore it, he died after three days, by suicide, he left a note,: WHAT EVER YOU DO, DON'T WATCH IT, PLEASE, IT HURTS


 why not?? 

 |video is only on either on the log tracker or in the dorm room or while escaping,|

Day 0:   I was a doctor, assigned to this facility with others, all I can say it's in a dense forest, with no animals and no noise and uncontrollable growth of trees.

 As we checked in, we were told to wear a well radiation proof suit and equipped with a log checker and air filter, I was however skeptical,

 but I must follow the rules anyway, there were total of 5 of us, Kenny, Tommson, Alex, Gene, and me(Ling). as we follow the guard to our assigned subjects, I noticed that,

 the hallway that we decented to was long and can only travel in and out by this.... train?? through a barrage of weapons directed at you? and a liquid nitrogen waterfall cave??

 why do we need to go through all of these to such things?? as we arrived to our destination, we were given a camcorder like diary, to film our experience they said. thus I begin....

Day 1: "Ni Hao", in my native language, to greet, " director of facility 1109 NC-p122 Charles, order us here, as we all have field knowledge of "BLOOD" he said,

not sure what we are going thru here," (video pause) as we walk up to the containment units, chills came down to us, Horror, can't, no, not horror, something worse as the 

director explains, " this is one of the subjects we found through Thailand, after a village was unknowingly massacred by them," ( them? I though till...) " this is a 

woman age approximately 16 and can produce blood like it's just our normal body fluid, and here down here, common now," he brought us to a more secured containment

the boy approximately 10 or younger, they have recently kill many of you DOCTORS due to Uncontrolled anger, and pain, also when doing on their bloods, try not to directly skin 

contact it, some of us suffered psychedelic visions after that," as I examined them, I noticed something strange about them that I can't tell...

Day 3: [ Head-cam opens ] now... we are going to an emergency situation with the woman, seems like she is going nuts, (Gene) Hey, Ling faster up will ya, {British accent}

( as we enter the units we must wear an exoskeleton protective Armour, "Director Explains: this suit is to help and save you from the brutal and supernatural strengths she possesses 

and Try not to push her calm her trough a .... positive attitude, He said, (me)" hey, there~~, (she seems calmed in a sudden, and shocked, as she walks towards me,) (me) WTF

, (director) [through voice com] "aite boy, try to come de woman down, others tranquilize her, EXECUTE PROCEDURE 513, ( as i starts to go near her, she starts

to cry in tears?? and hugs me while I was confused, and Tommson successfully tranquilize her with a BB141-shrapnel spread dart shotgun, she fall immediate, and others ran in 

to EJECT those blood outta her, as procedure is complete, Director sounds an alarm and call is to step in the shower room for decontamination, as we all rush in

Kenny, tripped and fall, while most of us are rushed in, the door shuts, and shower of unknown chemicals flushes us and the Equipment's, Kenny, was trapped with her

while decontamination was up, we when in the Coms room, to see what happens there, as we thought there will be a rescue team going in to rescue Kenny, we were

shocked, that he was crying and screaming in agony as the woman awakes, and grabs Kenny, the reason that Kenny, a buff and hansom man can cry and scream like a 

girl is due to hes suit has been leaked and he started to tasted... blood?? as the woman chants, Kenny starts to rot in a terrifying manner,

the exp suit, starts to burn and melts while the suits hes wearing disintegrates, the body thermometer reading sky rockets as he's blood starts to boil while

he melts, hes skins starts to hardern up and cracks formed while the woman sexualize him, more on a rape-like manner?? eww, at last after just a minute Kenny

was no more not even bones, the metals of the suits still remains, Bit kenny

day4 :

{chilling in dorm} "hey log report I guess, its day 4 and yes I'm making this to tell the details about a.... dream?? -{video glitched} "her EYES" -{video glitched} 

"it's so, I can't " -{video glitched} CAMCORDER off

day5 : " hey," in a hurry, " Tommson was rushed to a clinic, " as I walk in and see , he was screaming " oh my God" a Doctor yells, "quick, get me the skin Cream, " a nurse yell, doctor

hes back, is leaking blood," one of the nurse later escort us out {camcorder off}

day 6: "Tommson was rushed to a containment unit at the lower levels, we were to examines him through a lab, shift were administered, due to us humans can't 

stay too long, no more than 3 hours to be exact, or else your mind will poison, and shit will turn bad, {unknowingly a red button signals up on the Boy's containment

unit hub

Day7 : 'log report and recording, I missed my kids my LOVE, and my other friends, today was supposedly to be James birthday ( one of ling's friends) but...

I only can watch them through this live stream," a shade with no face appears behind him at the room corner

day 9: ( CAM on ) "quickly Ling" yells the Director, as we all rush to Tommson's unit, I was shock when I see him, " what in the holy fuck happened here," Director replied:

"we gotta a procedure to do, and no cams," (camcorder glitches and shut off) later that night(cam on ) " Tommson, he's body... he's.... the man loses his hair

and hes skin? his left foot was gone, rot away to dust... and his body looks like a rotting corpse that's been dead for 4 weeks, (cam glitches) some parts of his body is blacken and mummified

and ... hes body skin is all swell up and sweating Blood??" 

day 11: " just a quick look at him on the cctv cam here, I manage to snuck this in and I'm glad gene is on my side, Tommson's body has decayed to this form,

An unImagined terror of a radiated mummified corpse but still alive, the blood that leaks out of him is Greenish and gooey... (Gene) dude, I ran the test yesterday he has no recorded blood type, and he kept mumbling about " love" ?? dude I'm serious this is crazy, (ling) maybe we should check and read the files,..." (door opened)

(cam closed)

day 13: " bad news, glad I'm all alone in here, Gene was been transferred said the Director, but he left a journal for me to read on, It seems like they don't want us to know what was going on here, anyhow the journal,( a glitch cut prevents us from reading the journal and it cuts back to Ling telling us about Tommson)

" he's beyond dead nut... still alive, his face was bloated with pocks and bubbles that pukes blood often, he basically has to use a life support now, and the woman

had a tantrum last night, while was on  procedure 217, Alex was sent to a cellular clinic for decontamination, the boy however seems fine but still cough up

blood and cries blood, also Tommson skin starts to sink in in some parts and some are cracked, the outer tissue is dry and easy to crack and break, the flesh however

is bloated and swell, the organs are all green and ...." (cam glitches and shuts off)

day 15: "BAD this is bad, " Ling is losing himself" I have been in here for... days, Gene is gone, The Director won't tell me about Alex, and every time I 

walk by the boy he is always happy to see me, that... cheerful and warm face... and recently the ... woman she ... kept appearing in my dreams "

( the shade appears behind Ling at the very back) Ling continues" she kept telling me L O V E ??? I'm lost at this point, (cam glitch to reveals the woman{ terrifying look,

the boy, (smiling happily bit slidely glitches his smile to a deapitated jaws) the 5 faceless figure } | each shot is 0.001 second long and glitchy |

day 20: "Alex here, ling tells me he's been recording our existence as proof that the Foundation is shutting us up, he's taking over a shift with Joe, 

truth about Gene, he was use as a test subject, and they injected bloods collected from the woman in to them 5 more man were in there, the Director was keen to let me take this position secretly" 

( shades 

appears again with no faces still, but this one has ... horns?) Alex continues" Tommson is considered dead at this point, but, air is still flowing and his 

heart is still beeping, there's a hole in his stomach, big one, we can basically see his stomach(s), heart that pump out radiated gas, lungs that have... spores, 

his genitals is removed and replaced with a refinement machine they said?? goo all over the organs and hes arms and feet has totally rotten away, his neck

is linked by some strange gooey tubes, it's like .............................( cam off)

day 30: "HI, IT's Alex here still, something bad has happened, Ling is infected by the woman at this point she's decaying and the blood in her turns to dried up ... shards

she still produces blood and pukes it out constantly, the boy however died, he scribble he's blood all over the wall while our footage glitches, it said"  

" WE ARE THE UNSEEN" translate from Alex from he's old Norse knowledge, " I gotta go " (cam off)

day 31: "A month has past, and it's Alex here, there's a breach last night, Gene and the others were killed and the witch that made totally out of blood of humans

is been contained, in a cryogenic tank, she has manage to kill Joe, Ben, Lisa, and Ling,"  (sob sob ) Alex cries" (while the fourth shade appears in a flash

in front with no face), Alex continues" some of the doctors kept yelling the word "óséður " ( cam shuts up due to low battery )

Day 55: " Kenny" Alex yelled "Kenny" Kenny walks in the boys room unprotected, not even wearing he's supposedly uniform just naked-ly and chats and laugh with boy

he soon coughs and puke bloods while then played together, Alex shouts while his log camcorder records the last moments of Kenny through the CCTV screens, Kenny soon

starts sweating out blood while to boy was playing with him, tearing out his skin and ripping his organs out and while they were laughing hysterically, 

a minute later Kenny corpse collapsed in to smiley goo while the boy use his blood to draw the word "L O V E "..................

day 74: " aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, " Doctors yells " Quick, get me the Director, " Alex, stop ........ don't........... *ling grabs the doctor by chest and

rips it out and fuse bloods together* MORE CHAOS FOLLOWS AS THE DIRECTOR CAME, HE THEN ORDERED PROCEDURE 37 TO BE EXECUTE, and In a sudden all the lights blasted out

(cam off)

Day 76:" Hey, it's Alex here, all of them..... are gone... the director was fused ling, we  are now at the upper chamber, the guards and sealing and 

guarding them, all I can say it's (5th shade appears, it looks like a fiery demon in hellish Armour, no visible eyes but holes that glows and metallic teeth,)

it later touches Alex....(cam off)

day 124: Alex's room was a mess with unexplained pictures, photos, blood and symbols on the wall as well as potions blood shards and Tommson's remains in 

his room, thus some sculptures and blood drawn art all over the the wall, depicting the óséður, Alex speaks " greetings to all of my Felagi" Alex speaks in

a Nordic tune, "our brother, Qui' LU'ker calls us, we must fuse back to our old ways, our parents awaits," cam closed


((LORE ))[ they are 5 gods that were forgotten by the tribes that

once worship them, these Nordic hunters were the Ancient destinations as a family chain, it unites lost relatives, only a series of what the prophecy notes

as bloodlines will be fused by them,  throughout the years their tribes has been massacred and some of their relatives were married to someone else and thus

only a selected few is their so called brothers and sisters, ))  


 Day 513: "huh, huh, huh," Alex runs while talks to the camcorder, while there was a blood from goo-ish looking woman and a demonic looking shadow chasing him,{" fuck,

 don't please don't close the doors, I'm saved PLEASE!!!! " door shuts, Alex looks bake in horror and fear, to see no shades nor woman but 4 of his friends, Gene with an

 Axe and no eyes just an empty void, Ling all ghoulish-ly fused up with multiple recognizable faces including my love ones, Tommson as  bloody floating corpse

 Kenny as a demonic knight with an Ancient looking sword with the word  óséður on it, while Alex flashes before his blood crying eyes, he soon ejects from himself looking at the 

 Horned masked monster with tentacles out of his back of his head, and a skeletal yet plant like vines body, it sprout out of me, I don't..... feel it, "

 day 515: " what is this place, why it's all dark ........ that light,  a cloaked woman,? her child, (with unseen or can't make out face) they........(cam off)

 day 1092: (cam on) (glitches ) (cam off)

 day???? : (cam on) "Yo mike, nick, look what I found, ..... Mike Nick??? " a shady voice calls out in the facility , " KKKKEEEEVVVVIIINNN" (tape cuts off)

 day ????: ( cam on ) " yo there's some footage in here no joke, this thing is like the, 70's or something, dude, hey Jerry  look what I found an entrance" "yooooooh"

 dude, you know what this means ??? " two of them yells out "exploring" 

 day???? : while a man was jogging near a park he stumbles a box thrown by a ugly looking man, he picks up the box and open it and..... 

 (cam on) " Hmm, " and the man shuts it off and takes it home......  

 This SCP project supposedly took place in the 50s, however, there were no mentions of Ling or Alex,  

 However Kenny. Tommson and Gene was noted in our files but they were never present in the 50s, they just joined this year, and Kenny has a scar on he's face and this doesn't, the facility was never located in the SCP database, and the camcorder was not even technology from this era, looks more sophisticated than the present ones, the village people in this video doesn't exist, the boys in the video doesn't exist too, except for johnny, who is johnny?? 


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