SCP 04X appears to be a 15-year-old girl named Dinalink title blonde hair light blue eyes and a sweet smile she wears a long long undershirt covering her but not that long there is ribbon holding up her pantyhose she is held at a site for keter SCPs Yes she’s keter but she is a sweet girl but she does have a Darkside to her if you make her mad irritated annoyed she will get mad her beautiful blonde hair would turn to black and her skin will turn pale her eyes pitch as the night that’s when she brings out a sword she will make a fist you will be floating in the air burning alive and once she gets the opportunity she will take her long wooden unbreakable sword in jam it into your throat another thing if you touch her your hand will burn so much it will fall off she tries to avoid anyone touching her because she’s not human she is some kind of entity

:special containment procedures: 

She is at all times put in a room with a bed a bathroom and a mirror she is fed three times a day and to keep her from having seizures the doctor gives her some shots haven’t i mention she’s also a cyborg her back story goes like this her family and her were happy nothing out of the ordinary but then her parents have died in a horrible car crash her brother was shot in the head by some person and her sister was kidnapped she supposes isn’t alive anymore she came to the attention of the foundation because people said to see her with a cyborg arm and a cyborg leg only two body parts the right leg and the left arm but she said there’s also some wiring in her body her best friends at the foundation are 999 049 and 173 Who is like her older brother and she is secretly in love with 073 in her original form she uses the sword for defending herself but if you have to she will have to spam someone with it she has a sweet and cheerful voice her clothes are the color of metallic Gray and original white her shoes are high heel boots except they are a metallic Black she does have a special friend of course and it is the here be dragons SCP

     I hope you all enjoyed my Oc
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