ITEM #: 4191

Object Class: keler

Special Containment Procedures Edit

No special precautions exept their teeth are poisonous but for the most part they are calm and shy. Staff are not permitted to feed SCP- 4191 as food can harm their lungs and kill them.

Description Edit

SCP-4191 appears to be a small lizard with a canine skull on their head. Height typically varies between 20 cm and 38.8 cm at the shoulders. Width across the back typically varies between 7.8 cm and 20 cm.

Field Notes Edit

July,4 200X SCP- 4191 escaped containment and proceeded to [DATA REDACTED] a group of guards after a staff member gave it salt water by accident.The staff member has been missing as well as 5 of the guard to this day and info is hidden.The only survivor had gotten a heart attack by  [DATA REDACTED] teeth.

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