SCP: 2315126 or "Melvin" was found in 2020. He shape shifts, but he prefers to be a man in a tuxedo, but with a wolf head. He is able to grant immortality, extreme intelligence, perfect bodies, teleportation, and shape shifting.

but, nobody can find out or your body will be burned, blown up, and melted. even worse, you stay alive in constant pain. he seems to enjoy classical music, reading, and cooking. he is also extremely friendly with other scps, but he only grants powers to humans.

he was found in a Japanese island with thousands of bodies of those who were granted powers. he was extremely calm and polite, but you could see the evil in his eyes. he went with us without protest, until we started cleaning up the bodies. he immediately turned violent and killed the clean up team.

SCP- 2315126

he then calmed down and allowed us to tie him down. he also seems to know every language in the world, including the sounds of animals. he has also showed a interest in the internet and chats with others (with us monitoring it). he is a class Keter.

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