Author's note: I'm using XXXX because I don't want to use a number that is already taken and I don't know all the numbers.

ITEM #: SCP-XXXX "Kon" (Invincible Man)

Object Class: E̶u̶c̶l̶i̶d̶. Safe.

Special Containment Procedures: Kon has no Containment procedures and allowed to wander or leave the facilty as he pleases or until testing or questioning is finished.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a fairly tall man with red hair, brown eyes, and a goatee, normally wearing human clothing and sometimes will even weird traditional style Japanese clothing.

SCP-XXXX is normally friendly and helpful, he will even challenge people to hit him and try to harm him but was soon asked to stop doing so as Staff Members have been hurting themselves after taking this challenge, he has also protected several staff members during a number of Containment Breaches. SCP-XXXX has superhuman levels of physical ability but refuses to attack someone or something, having refused to fight back while a group of D-Class personnel were ordered to attack him, with no actual effect, he is also registered to be completely Invincible and has boasted about it, Dr. ██████ has stated that no weapon used during testing has harmed SCP-XXXX.

During tests with other SCPs, he has shown to be friendly with other Safe and Euclid-classed SCP's but doesn't really react when violent Euclid and Keter classes attempt to kill or harm him only to fail to do so and some give up soon after. SCP-XXXX has used himself as bait to lead other SCPs into traps for Recontainment. Because of this SCP-XXXX was changed from Euclid to Safe and given permission to wander and leave the facility but he is to be blindfolded while transported so to not give away the location of the facility until SCP-XXXX admitted to already knowing where the facility was, stating the exact location to be at ███████████, but SCP-XXXX has sworn to never tell, signed a contract, and has agreed to let himself be watched outside of the facility.

During questioning, When asked about where he came from, SCP-XXXX stated that he is from this universe but as a child was randomly sent to another universe and then was sent back to this universe after several years with newly gained abilities. When ask about his name, SCP-XXXX stated that his name was originally "Chandler" but he changed it to "Kon". When SCP-XXXX was asked has anything harmed him after gaining his abilities, SCP-XXXX actually stated Yes, instead of saying No like Dr. ██████ thought he would, then when asked who harmed him, SCP-XXXX answered "Lan" no last name, another person who was born in this universe but as a child was randomly sent to another universe and then was sent back to this universe after several years with newly gained abilities, the single name was found to belong to a man in Florida, further study of this person has been registered as mandatory.

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