Item #: SCP-99999

"The Another Tickle Monster”

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-99999 is to be sealed in a 10km×10km (due to the fact that it needs space to kill the Class D's one by one) chamber at all times. It must be watched at all times, and a guard must always be present. No one is allowed to directly enter SCP-99999's containment chamber due to its incredibly hostile nature. Instead, a mechanical feeding device is to be used; it provides slabs of processed meat and a drain that supplies water. Because SCP-99999 is highly aggressive, it is to be given Class D "Prey" on a daily basis in order to satiate its voracious blood lust. At 12:00 midnight; on the 31st of every October, SCP-99999 MUST be contained in an isolation box. This is important in order to [DATA REDACTED] and alleviate its' [DATA REDACTED]. In the case of a breakout, absolutely every corridor of the facility must be sealed; no exceptions. A specialized team of MTF units will be dispatched to contain SCP-99999, moving it to a temporary holding cell until further notice.

Description: SCP-99999 is a large Vulpine Quadruped/Biped. It is approximately 4 meters long and weighs around 700 Kilograms; making it one of the largest predatory SCPs in the Facility. SCP-99999 has a sleek black coat of fur, and is surrounded by ethereal shadows. SCP-99999's eyes are a luminescent amber; which seems to dimly light the dark chamber it inhabits. SCP-99999 has 9 tails; each presumed to cause bad luck if seen. SCP-99999's teeth are normally coated in a thick, black, sticky blood due to constant feeding. SCP-99999 is a type of kitsune called "Kukan" which means "Void" or "Dark". SCP-99999's "foxfire" is different from normal. The "foxfire" is produced by rubbing it's tails together.A black smoke will then form around the SCP and it can kill just by going near others. Even though it prefers to not use it's "foxfire", it chooses to do so sometimes when killing the Class D. It's other behaviours are currently unknown.

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