ITEM #: SCP-9999


SCP-99999 (Artist's Portrayal)


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-9999 is to be sealed in its' chamber at all times. It must be watched at all times, and a guard must always be present. No one is allowed to directly enter SCP-9999's containment chamber due to its incredibly hostile nature -- instead, a mechanical feeding device is to be used; it provides slabs of processed meat and a drain that supplies water. Because SCP-9999 is highly aggressive, it is to be given Class D "Prey" on a daily basis in order to satiate its voracious blood lust. At 12:00 midnight, on the 31st of every October, SCP-9999 MUST be contained in an isolation box. This is important in order to [DATA REDACTED] and alleviate its [DATA REDACTED]. In the case of a breakout, absolutely EVERY corridor of the facility MUST be sealed; no exceptions. A specialized team of [DATA EXPUNGED] units will be dispatched to contain SCP-9999, moving it to a temporary holding cell until further notice.

Description: SCP-9999 is a large Vulpine Quadruped. It is approximately 4 meters long and weighs around 700 kilograms, making it one of the largest predatory SCPs in the [DATA REDACTED] Facility. SCP-9999 has a sleek black coat of fur, and is surrounded by ethereal shadows. SCP-9999's eyes glow a luminescent blue, which seems to dimly light the dark chamber it inhabits. SCP-9999 has 9 tails, each presumed to cause bad luck if grabbed. SCP-9999's teeth are normally coated in a thick, sticky blood due to constant feeding.

Field Notes:

  • SCP-9999 has the ability to physically detect someone's heartbeat, as proven through Class D test subjects who attempted to "play dead".
  • On the 31st of October 2018, SCP-9999 escaped containment and proceeded to [DATA REDACTED]; it was finally stopped by a team of [DATA EXPUNGED], who used special [DATA EXPUNGED] devices to re-contain it.
  • SCP-9999 has shown the ability to "shadow-meld", allowing it to transform itself into a fluid-like miasma and fit through crevices that would otherwise be inaccessible.
  • Attempts to starve SCP-9999 have always resulted in the death of SCP Personnel and a loss of control over its' abilities. Because of this, SCP-9999 must be fed a steady, repetitive diet every day.
  • Scp-9999 is extremely hostile and any contact would be recommended to have a D class personnel to "distract" Scp-9999 so you may flee at the sight of escaping.
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