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Item #: SCP-9995

Object Class: Euclid

Containment ProceduresEdit

It cant be contained like SCP-343 it does exactly the same as SCP-343.

It got classified as Safe because no containment procedure does effect or weakens SCP-9995.


SCP-9995 is an humanoid form of a squid but seems to be able to travel through alternative universes by will.

It starts to harm you when you want to attack it.

The thing on that is that it attacks when you want to do it but you are on the way to do it, so it knows that you want to do it.

It uses multiple attack tactics like out of nowhere attacking Class D personal that have been send to do it it will snap the neck like SCP-173.

If personal got ordered to attack SCP-9995 they are officially SCP-9995-B the distance between SCP-9995-B and SCP-9995 is not a limit to SCP-9995s attack range it can travel anywhere through its portals.

SCP-9995 is from another universe.

It also speaks our language.

All Photos that have been taken are disrupted and blurred.

Video or photomontage are not possible in any way.


-Containment#1 Object Containment Methode: Euclid SCP-9995s Contaiment Chamber has very solid walls and a 5 valves with multiple gases for Testing.

SCP-9995 is standing and looking at the camera. It seems at contact that SCP-9995 wants the video montage isnt blurred.

We activated the Audio Transmission. We hear SCP-9995 talking the following: You know i can get out anytime i want? You can burn my room or whatever this is because iam one-time in this universe!

Dr.██████: We heard you SCP-9995! Go on!

We gave D-53186 the order to attack SCP-9995.

SCP-9995 dissapeared in the second where D-53186 left the room to attack SCP-9995.

We found D-53186 dead in a storage closet.

We asked SCP-9995 if it knows something.

The screen of the containment chambers camera is blurred.

SCP-9995 seems to not want any contact right now. 5 Minutes later D-12996 got ordered to enter SCP-9995s Containment Chamber.

D-12996 reported that there are lots of trash from fast food restaurants from the world and also alien fast food lying around in the Containment Chamber, SCP-9995 gave D-12996 an innocent face.

  • Testing#1: We released Co² into SCP-9995s Containment Chamber.

SCP-9995 seems to not get weaken by Co²

  • Testing#2: We released Helium and set SCP-9995s chamber to an heat of 100°C.

No effects on SCP-9995.

SCP-9995 turned the helium into an nuclear fusion and heated the Chamber up to 900°C.

We immediately started an Cooldown sequence.

The Chamber is at -207°C, no effect on SCP-9995.

SCP-9995 is looking bored into the camera.

SCP-9995 dissappeared.

It didn't return in hours.

We found 10 hours after the test a letter in SCP-9995s Containment Chamber.

SCP-9995 written: You did really think i stay? Iam in another universe already so yeah goodbye... Also i had fun with SCP-173 and SCP-096 they are stupid they tried to kill me but they couldnt.


SCP-9995-1 Came 20 years after SCP-9995 into this dimension. It seems to be not a "god". Further Reports Coming soon. Containment in SCP-9995s Chamber. SCP-9995-1 escaped in an containment breach and was later found dead with a snapped neck. Possibly SCP-173 murdered SCP-9995-1.

Case SCP-9995: Open

Containable: No

Harm to Humanity: Probably.

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