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[[Category:Help pls]]
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Item #:SCP-5271

Object Class : Euclid 

Special Containment Procedures :SCP-5271 is to be kept in a 10m by 6m chamber 1 kilometer away from site-█ █ .  It is to be fed live rabbits or voles at any amount once a week as it prefers to kill the prey itself. Four members of the security personal are to keep watch over SCP-5271's containment chamber at all times. Only Level 3 or higher personal may enter. If SCP-5271 requests to have anything, check that it is not dangerous.

Description :SCP-5271 is from the Felis Catus species. It is a Russian Blue of approximately 4.5 to 5 kg in weight and 23 to 25cm in height. It is capable of talking in a female voice and posesses the power to become invincible and not be able to get hurt. It is unnaturally strong and intelligent and does not seem to have a weakness but it is mostly calm. It has requested for several things :

A  cat bed (approved)

A litter box(approved)

A clock (approved)

[DATA EXPUNGED] (approved) (see Incident 5271-A)

It was discovered nearby the area where it's housefolk and house died in a fire.

Incident 5271-A:

SCP-5271 breached containment with the last thing we have given it,a spoon. It seems to have told the gaurds to come close to it as SCP-5271 had something to tell them. Then SCP-5271 used the spoon and stabbed it at their eyes extremely fast that no one could see the spoon and looked as if it just whisked by. It managed to escape into the nearby forest but it was not seen again.

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