Item #:SCP-5036

Object Class : Euclid 

Special Containment Procedures :SCP-5036 is to be kept in a 10m by 6m chamber 1 kilometer away from site-█ █ .  It is to be fed live rabbits or voles at any amount once a week as it prefers to kill the prey itself. Four members of the security personal are to keep watch over SCP-5036's containment chamber at all times. Only Level 3 or higher personal may enter. If SCP-5036 requests to have anything, check that it is not dangerous.

Description :SCP-5036 is from the Felis Catus species. It is a Russian Blue of approximately 4.5 to 5 kg in weight and 23 to 25cm in height. It is capable of talking in a female voice and posesses the power to become invincible and not be able to get hurt. It is unnaturally strong and intelligent and does not seem to have a weakness but it is mostly calm. It has requested for several things :

A  cat bed (approved)

A litter box(approved)

A clock (approved)

[DATA EXPUNGED] (approved) (see Incident 5036-1)

It was discovered nearby the area where it's housefolk and house died in a fire.

Incident 5036-1:

SCP-5036 breached containment with the last thing we have given it,a spoon. It managed to escape into the nearby forest by digging into the concrete floor.

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