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[[Category:Keter Class SCPs]]
[[Category:Keter Class SCPs]]
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Item #: SCP-5096

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5096 must be kept under constant video surveillance at all times for any sudden movement inside it's cell. Heat sensors inside it's cell is to remain on and checked by Dr. ██ and Professor ███, all security must be on high alert for any containment breach around SCP-5096's cell, and to guard the facility at all costs.

Description: SCP-5096 appears to be a derived form of primate, which possess traits of multiple species, and bore a resemblance to the Madagascan aye-aye. It possess gold, sunken, catlike eyes, which seems to contract depending on the creature's mood, large ears resembling those of the aforementioned aye-aye, long, sharp fangs, and highly muscular limbs with deadly claws. It is unknown if this was either an extraterrestrial, or an experiment on primates from Madagascar, but despite the rumors and theories, SCP-5096 can chemically change the tone of it's skin, so as to perfectly blend in with any background; this ability to become almost invisible both allows SCP-5096 to evade being spotted by other animals such as humans, and gives it a major advantage over it's prey.

SCP-5096's 'default' skin tone is a fair color, but it could change it to pitch-black, pale-grey, bright yellow, and presumably many others, at will. It is capable of immense levels of speed and agility when agitated; able to move very swiftly across rooms to avoid being aimed at and surprise enemies and could even climb around walls like an insect.

SCP-5096 possess very high levels of intelligence, and a large memory span of over fourteen years. It recognizes Dr. ██, and it's suspected that SCP-5096 had actually been waiting for Dr. ██ to interact with it while contained in it's cell. It is also thought that SCP-5096 could even be intelligent enough to possess it's own language, as it makes a hissing, whispering, muttering noise to itself when SCP-5096 is alone. SCP-5096 is very dangerous to humans, as when encountered, SCP-5096 gets agitated by human contact, and would become extremely vicious and aggressive; relentlessly cornering and launching an attack against targets in a deadly, savage frenzy.

SCP-5096, when provoked and agitated by human contact, would apparently kill the target by dragging or pinning them down and then using it's claws to savagely rip and tear into the target's torso, until they were dead or until SCP-5096 was driven to flee by more humans' presence. SCP-5096 is apparently carnivore, and probably devoured smaller animals like squirrels and birds. Though extremely dangerous, it is possible for a human to partially tame SCP-5096 by regularly feeding it pieces of meat - it would then go to these humans for food when hungry, and it would also stop SCP-5096 from hunting live animals for food - although it wouldn't stop it attacking those who disturbed its natural habitat.

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