[CLASSIFIED] ██████ eyes only

 ​​​SCP-1312 is a keter class SCP held at site ██████. SCP-1312 access to this scp is restricted for ██████ testing only.

SCP-1312 was discovered at site ██████ at 05:00 to the second. instances of SCP-1312 can range from SCP-1312 taking a comporial form for more information see SCP-1312/a to a mental infectious form for more information see SCP-1312/b

Records of SCP-1312/a range from 1905 to ████ SCP-1312/a is portrayed as a decomposing male. stages of decomposition can range from start to finish when SCP-1312/a appears a black mist covers a mile radius anything exposed to the mist will rapidly deteriorate. After 10 hours the resulting area around SCP-1312 will liquid SCP-1312/a will then vanish. often repairing 20 hours later.

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