SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-100 is to be in constant operation and checked for defects every week by a Level-2 staff member familiar with its operation. When functional, Level-2 staff will search a wide range of YouTube videos, streaming websites, memes, (yes i said memes.) and more.

Finding and isolating SCP-100's point of origin is considered Alpha-priority. Effort to locate the videos where SCP-100 are spreading everywhere on YouTube with parodies and Soundboards.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-100 is an anomalous phenomenon that manifests as a YouTube video. The video consists of the cameraman yelling at three separate cats; screaming derogatory insults and acts of violence. The video was found by local YouTubers and was posted for the whole world to watch. When the viewers saw the video, they said that it contained highly inappropriate scenes that might be to graphic for younger viewers, since YouTube had over millions of viewers each day. But YouTube staff reported nothing wrong with the video, just the anonymous cameraman yelling at cats. Since SCP-100 had been taken to the Foundation, the video had been copied by Personnel, and all Data had been transported into a certain disk under SCP-100's code name.


But during 2015, SCP-100 will begin to take form as a hooded man carrying a video camera (also known as, SCP-100-1,) and begin to search for anybody it sees and proceed to yell at the target, just like in the video. It appears to depend on the target and not anybody else. When the person looks back at it or let SCP-100-1 get too close, it will kill the target, and vanish without a trace. Personnel and staff members claimed that SCP-100-1 is actually a humanoid entity that has a alien connection with the video that gives it the ability to transport itself from the video, to the real world. All Data from SCP-100-1 is unidentified, and the video itself remains on YouTube for reasons unknown.

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