Item #: SCP- 027

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Edit

SCP-027 must be contained in its cell, a 5 m x 5 m x 5 m x steel room lit by one hanging light bulb. There are to be absolutely no contact with SCP-027. Weekly check ups for cracks and holes are in order. Security personnel will use video surveillance to ensure SCP-027's presence.

Description: Edit

SCP-027 is a cat-like creature with mild body nutrition, and void from pigmentation. It has very little muscle mass, and is 9.1 - 9.8 in height. SCP-027 is kept in a steel room with nothing but a hanging light bulb that lights the cell in a gloomy fashion. (ugly).

SCP-027 is described as the cartoon character, Mr. Kat, from the TV show "Kid Vs. Kat". But the body structure is similar to a starving Sphinx, but with blacken eyes. It is not certain for medical staff that SCP-027 is eyeless or not. It is been said that SCP-027 has the same brain functions of any other house cat, but is not something anyone wants to keep as a pet. It is normally extremely Docile, with video surveillance inside its cell indicating that SCP-027 spends most of its time doing cat-like things. However, when a person comes up to it inside its cell or near SCP-027, it will enter a stage of pure rage. SCP-027 will begin hissing, and shrieking uncontrollably. Then when it is doing so, it will begin running at the target.

It is documented that SCP-027 only knows the distance of the target as it gains chase, its running speed is up to [DATA EXPUNGED] miles per hour, maybe more. It doesn't seem to react to the person's scared response of SCP-027's appearance. Then at the person's location, it proceeds to kill the target, leaving gore and dismemberment behind after calming itself down, and becoming docile once again. Then it goes back to the same spot where it was first encountered.

SCP-027 seems to enjoy being around SCP-096, another SCP. But it lets SCP-096 know it is there, but keeps away from looking at SCP-096's face. But recent abilities and traces of containment breach or loss of life, remains alpha priority.

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