SCP–735, also known as the Insult Box, is an Euclid-class object held at the SCP Foundation which was found among the personal possessions of an individual who had committed suicide.

SCP–735 will activate when it is touched. It then proceeds to say vulgar and vile things toward the subject who activates it. The object apparently has a psychic component, as it seems to know exactly who it is speaking to and what to say in order to enrage the subject who came in contact with SCP–735. It can speak any known language and modify the sound of its voice, always doing so to cause as much discomfort to its conversational partner as possible.

The most common result is that the subject demands the immediate destruction of SCP–735, which is easier said than done since the item is built out of an extremely resistant alloy. The reasons for the item's outburst are unknown, though a popular theory is that the object is trying to commit suicide with assistance.

The Reavers. Over the course of the interview, SCP-735 mentions "The Reavers". Who those "Reavers" are and what are their connections with SCP-735 is unclear. Though SCP-735 states it wouldn't want to be a human when they come, implying that they are hostile and very dangerous.

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